Historical Artwork

A German woodcut from an unknow artist dated around the 16th century. It depicts a number of Irish warriors in great detail. Note the ring pommel swords and traditional clothing often associated with the Galloglas and Kerns.
An illustration by Gerald of Wales depicting the Irish habit of attacking one another with an axe. Gerald was a Medieval Clergyman and chronicler....not very fond of the Irish or their habits. His manuscript often paints the Irish in a rather bad light but still it is a valuable tool to understanding the time and culture. It is suppossed that the axe was a weapon adopted by the native Irish after seeing it effectively used in the hands of Scandanavian invaders.
A scene from a decorated sword scabbard engraved with military scenes, found in a grave in Hallstatt, Austria, and dated to the early 4th century BC.

A rare glimpse of a small Irish company of soldiers. What is ever rarer is the inclusion of both the boy playing the pipes and the woman. Women are not frequently depicted in this type of artwork from this period.
A period illustration of a Galloglas Royal Gaurd.
Albrecht Durers excellent portrayal of a Galloglas company from the 16th century. Durer was not only a fantastic artist(best known for the praying hands)he was also involved in the fighting fraternities of Germany.
An early illustration of Highland Scots hunting with bows.

More art

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