A relief carving from Wales showing a warrior armed with a dagger and a knobbed club or mace.

This axehead was excavated in Donagal...MacSweeney country. It is presumed to be an early form of Galloglaigh axe.

Sixteenth Century engraving of a Scottish Warrior.

A period illustration on early Irish mounted troops hold their spears in the ancient style.

A painting by artist J.M. Wright done is 1680 of Sir Niall O'Neill, Baron of Killeleah and Lord Lieutenant of Armagh in his national dress. He is wearing a fringed cloak associated witht he Wild Irish of an earlier time. In the original painting you can make out a basket hilted sword by his side but unfortunately it does not come through on the scan. He also is wearing a long sgian or dirk on his belt. Note the large dog by his side...a smooth coated wolfhound?

A graphic painting done of the Bonnie Earl of Morays corpse after he was slain by the Gordons of Huntly. His mother so upset by her sons death, ordered this portrait to be painted depicting his wounds from the battle. The date for this is blurred on the picture but could be from 1591 to 1791.

Hunting scene from a carving at Rodel in the tomb niche of Alexander McCleod, St. Clement's Church, Rodel, Harris, 1528.

16th century sketch of an Irish swordsman...details coming soon.


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